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What Should You Know About Crampons?

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If you are into ice climbing and mountaineering, then you will already know the importance of crampons. Crampons are one of the essential equipment for ice climbing, along with ice axes and ice boots. To put it in simple words, crampons are nothing but a sturdy metal frame which is attached to another metal frame with a sharp end. Crampons help you climb icy mountains or steep slopes without the fear of slipping or sliding down. There are plenty of crampons available in the market. You can go through the crampon reviews to find the ideal crampon for your needs. To get tips on choosing the right crampon, visit

The crampon is attached to the boots to enhance traction on the snow and slippery surfaces. Crampons are not something that was invented and used by the people of the recent century. It was used by the European paleo mountaineers for crossing steep slopes of mountains. Early Celtic miners used something very similar to crampons by fastening iron spikes to their feet. Russian hunters used leather sandals fastened with spiked plates for better traction in the snow. The modern crampons are believed to have been originated during the late 19th century.

The 10-point crampon was created by Oscar Eckenstein, who was an English climber. He made this 10-point crampon to minimize the need for strenuous step-cutting during snow climbing. The first commercial crampon was made by Henry Grivel in the year 1910. The success of the 10-point crampon was the reason for the evolution of the 12-point crampon, which was invented in the year 1929 by Laurent Grivel, who was the son of Henry. The use of 12-point crampon became more apparent in the year 1938.

Rigid crampons were invented in the year 1967 by Yvon Chouinard, and the mono-point crampon was invented in the year 1980. Another big evolution happened in the year 2001, when the climbers fixed the crampons directly into the boots.

In modern days, there are crampons available in different types such as semi-rigid, hinged and rigid. You should choose the type of crampons based on the snow climbing activity that you perform. It is very important to find a crampon that optimally meets your need. If you are very new to crampons, then you should learn thoroughly about the different types. You can learn about the different types of crampons by browsing the Internet. There are many crampon guides that help you learn and understand how the crampon works. You can also go through crampon reviews to find out which product works for your snow climbing. You should always insist on buying top quality crampons so that you can always stay as safe as possible.

There is no single-crampon that works great for everyone. Each climber will have his or her own style and needs when it comes to mountaineering. Therefore, it is important to find one that perfectly fits your bill. You may have to try different styles before you finally find the right one but it will be worth it in the end.